4 Ways to Tap into Your Home For ​an Extra Source of Retirement Income

Friday Oct 14th, 2016



4 Ways to Tap into Your Home For ​an Extra Source of Retirement Income​

Research has shown that more than half of Canadians aged 50 and older have collided with unexpected events that have impacted their finances and/or retirement plans. Whether you’re planning on selling your home or staying, here are four ways to tap into your home for added security during retirement.


1. Sell and Rent

An easy way to get money out of your home is to sell it and put the cash into an investment that will boost your yearly income. But before you do so, factor in expenses (real estate agent fees, lawyer fees, moving costs, etc.). It’s also important to decide on the volume of risk you’re willing to take in investing.

2. Sell and Downsize

Another effective way to boost your retirement security is to sell and downsize — it’s easy logic. However keep in mind that your needs might change as you age. For example, you might decide it’s absolutely necessary to avoid homes with a steep set of stairs. It’s imperative that you think strategically about your next destination.

3. Become a Landlord

Ever thought of converting a portion of your home into an apartment? Well, doing so can increase your monthly income substantially. However you need to decide you’re cut out to be a landlord – that means being available all hours of the day and being able to find the right tenant.

4. Get a Reverse Mortgage

This is a mortgage that is given to people who own property at 55 years or older. The borrower doesn’t pay back the loan until he or she sells the home.The loan is tax free and any interest you pay is deductible. But there are some drawbacks to this approach – you have to pay interest on the loan and the penalties can be heavy if you decide to cancel.




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