Katrina McHugh

Aging In Place - Senior Living Trends

Thursday Dec 01st, 2016


Senior Living Real Estate Trends When you think about people buying real estate, you might picture the young and upwardly mobile, or the couple ready to start a family. Nearly 80% of seniors own a home though, which makes them an influential demographic in the world of real estate. That will only become more the case in the years to come as the senior population grows at a rapid pace. The choices seniors make about where they want to live are poised to shape a large... [read more]

Are Sell and Leaseback Programs a Good Option for Boomers?

Sunday Oct 15th, 2017


Rising home prices often mean that real estate forms a top-heavy portion of many seniors’ wealth in retirement. This forces some to tap into their home equity in order to pay the bills and overcome their past failure to save. Until recently, their only choice was a reverse mortgage, a secured loan in which lenders like HomEquity Bank make monthly payments to them, based on the equity that they’ve built up over the years, rather than the other way around. Related... [read more]


Thursday Oct 12th, 2017


Estate planning means not leaving your money to the government. Here, ways to make sure the taxman gets less.   Face it: when you die, the wealth accumulated over a lifetime will be exposed to taxes. Instead of leaving it all to your family, you could be paying a lot to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). And that could deprive your beneficiaries of tens of thousands of dollars.   "Everything is up for grabs," says Jeanette Brox, a Toronto-based certified... [read more]

Is This What You Have Been Looking For?

Friday Sep 09th, 2016


How co-housing designs community into developments   For a lot of city dwellers, knowing their neighbors names is a rarity, let alone knocking on their door to ask to borrow an egg or a cup of sugar. Co-housing could cure this household isolation by planning neighborhoods around community involvement long before they are even built. Co-housing is a type of development where the residents plan to build a community in which neighbors know and engage with each other on a... [read more]