Katrina McHugh

Are Sell and Leaseback Programs a Good Option for Boomers?

Sunday Oct 15th, 2017


Rising home prices often mean that real estate forms a top-heavy portion of many seniors’ wealth in retirement. This forces some to tap into their home equity in order to pay the bills and overcome their past failure to save. Until recently, their only choice was a reverse mortgage, a secured loan in which lenders like HomEquity Bank make monthly payments to them, based on the equity that they’ve built up over the years, rather than the other way around. Related... [read more]

Are You Sitting On A Goldmine? If You Live In A House In Downtown Toronto The Answer Is Probably YES!!

Saturday Oct 1st, 2016


Seniors Unlock Equity to Finance Retirement   The family home is the most valuable asset for most families. With home prices skyrocketing in cities across Canada, it can be tempting to tap into the equity in your home. While some people have gold-plated government pension plans, a lot of people don’t. If your major source of income in retirement are government benefits likeCPP, GIS or OAS, and it’s not enough, tapping into the equity in your home is worth... [read more]

4 Ways to Tap into Your Home For ​an Extra Source of Retirement Income

Friday Oct 14th, 2016


  4 Ways to Tap into Your Home For ​an Extra Source of Retirement Income​ Aug 24, 2016 | Financial Planning, Loans & Mortgages, Retirement Planning |  Research has shown that more than half of Canadians aged 50 and older have collided with unexpected events that have impacted their finances and/or retirement plans. Whether you’re planning on selling your home or staying, here are four ways to tap into your home for added security during... [read more]

How to exit the housing market without exiting your house

Wednesday Oct 26th, 2016


How to exit the housing market without exiting your house   Let’s say you’re looking to get out of the housing market and pocket your wealth. What do you do when your parents are living in poverty — in a million-dollar home If your parents are living in a home worth $1-million-plus but living like paupers, it might be time to step in — and tax season offers an ideal time to start the conversation. One option is obviously to sell, but... [read more]