Katrina McHugh

Senior Cohousing Come On Canada Get With It!!

Tuesday Aug 30th, 2016


Senior Cohousing: A New Trend in Senior Living One of the biggest benefits that comes from the growth in the senior population is that when you have more people facing the same set of challenges, you have more minds actively searching for solutions and putting in the work to make them happen. Seniors today are therefore some of the luckiest that have ever existed, with an ever wider array of senior living options available to them. One option that’s growing in availability... [read more]

Are You Sitting On A Goldmine? If You Live In A House In Downtown Toronto The Answer Is Probably YES!!

Saturday Oct 1st, 2016


Seniors Unlock Equity to Finance Retirement   The family home is the most valuable asset for most families. With home prices skyrocketing in cities across Canada, it can be tempting to tap into the equity in your home. While some people have gold-plated government pension plans, a lot of people don’t. If your major source of income in retirement are government benefits likeCPP, GIS or OAS, and it’s not enough, tapping into the equity in your home is worth... [read more]