Katrina McHugh

Tiny Homes For Seniors

Friday Jul 15th, 2016


  Whatever Happened To the Golden Years? In today’s world, options seem limitless. That is…until you price out the costs for seniors services, essentials such as quality healthcare and comfortable housing. Consider also that the average monthly rate for seniors in independent living facilities in Canada averages between $3000 – $5000/month and higher depending on the area. The average monthly rate for assisted living is even higher at $4500 – $6000/month... [read more]

Senior Cohousing Come On Canada Get With It!!

Tuesday Aug 30th, 2016


Senior Cohousing: A New Trend in Senior Living One of the biggest benefits that comes from the growth in the senior population is that when you have more people facing the same set of challenges, you have more minds actively searching for solutions and putting in the work to make them happen. Seniors today are therefore some of the luckiest that have ever existed, with an ever wider array of senior living options available to them. One option that’s growing in availability... [read more]