Katrina McHugh

How some sellers are cashing out big and then staying in their homes

Wednesday Nov 28th, 2018


How some homeowners are selling their home and renting back   Some Toronto homeowners are cashing out when the market’s hot and then renting their properties back from the new buyers. (Mike Crawley/CBC) What if you could cash out on your home when the market’s hot and then stay in it? That’s what some sellers are doing by renting their properties back from the buyers for less than their previous mortgage payments. For 71-year-old Anne Cottrell the... [read more]

Average age of this graduating class is 93 years young

Thursday Jun 16th, 2016


  June is graduation month at schools all over Nova Scotia, but in Pictou County, there's a graduating class with a difference. The average age of the 18 graduates from the Valley View Villa's school program is 93. The seniors' home in Riverton, N.S., offers a yearlong program that teaches everything from geography to nutrition.  Wednesday's graduation ceremony was proof you're never too old to learn. One by one, these graduates walked or wheeled their way... [read more]

How To Convert The Equity In Your Home To Pay For Senior Care

Tuesday Jul 12th, 2016


  How to Convert the Equity in Your Home to Pay for Senior Care  Senior care is expensive. You can work to be financially responsible your whole life and still find the cost of care in your later years to be overwhelming. Many families face tough choices when it comes to trying to figure out how to pay for assisted living or a nursing home. One of the most valuable assets many seniors have that can help soften the blow of assisted living expenses for their family... [read more]

Are You Sitting On A Goldmine? If You Live In A House In Downtown Toronto The Answer Is Probably YES!!

Saturday Oct 01st, 2016


Seniors Unlock Equity to Finance Retirement   The family home is the most valuable asset for most families. With home prices skyrocketing in cities across Canada, it can be tempting to tap into the equity in your home. While some people have gold-plated government pension plans, a lot of people don’t. If your major source of income in retirement are government benefits likeCPP, GIS or OAS, and it’s not enough, tapping into the equity in your home is worth... [read more]