Katrina McHugh

Questions About The Current Real Estate Market ??

Friday Jul 29th, 2016


5 questions you have about the housing market   No one has a crystal ball, but we can cut through the rhetoric and gain some perspective    (Getty Images / Dimitri Otis) Markets are frothy. Emotions are high. Yet, all you really want is to know whether or not the single largest investment you made will avoid a price crash and continue to add substantial value to your net worth statement. To help, here are five answers to questions... [read more]

15% Tax For Foreign Buyers In Vancouver Starts Today!! Let's See What Happens In Toronto

Tuesday Aug 2nd, 2016


Foreign buyers to pay 15 per cent tax on residential properties in BC starting August 2nd   Photo: Kyla Duhamel/Flickr Under legislation introduced July 25th, foreign nationals and corporations will have to pay a 15 per cent property transfer tax when buying residential properties in Metro Vancouver. The tax will come into effect on August 2nd, and according to BC Finance Minister Michael de Jong, is aimed at managing foreign demand. “The data... [read more]

Toronto Real Estate Prices - July 2016

Sunday Aug 7th, 2016


Toronto Real Estate Prices July 2016 (Composite), TREB Finds ‘Troubling Trend’  Toronto real estate board claims “troubling trend” as Toronto real estate prices continued to soar in July 2016. AUGUST 4, 2016 0 COMMENTS  Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) released their July 2016 Market Watch today, and (surprise!) prices continued to soar to new levels. The report focused on strong price growth, Toronto’s “pent up... [read more]

Don't Want To Move? Now You Don't Have To! Just Sell 'n STAY....

Tuesday Oct 25th, 2016


    Living Life On Your Terms A Sell ‘n STAY™ White Paper There were 5,780,900 Canadians 65 and older on July 1, 2015. By 2051 1 in 4 Canadians will be 65 or older. (http: well-being.esdc.gc.ca/mismin-iwob/.3ndic.1T.4r@-eng.jsp?Iid=33.) According to a report by CBC news on our aging population of people 65 and over, it isn’t just large; there numbers are growing fast, representing 15.6 of Canada’s population. The population growth rate for... [read more]