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You’ve worked your entire life, your nest is empty, and you’re ready to settle down and enjoy retirement. Its supposed to be a wonderful time in life that you’ve looked forward to for years, yet, for many, it can be difficult to manage financially. To access the cash needed in retirement, everyone may not be interested in packing up and selling the house they’ve raised a family in and spent decades building up equity in. Downsizing to a smaller home or condo may not offer the returns needed.

Retirement communities may not be what some had in mind. Now there’s another solution. Don’t pack up and leave; simply sell and stay with www.sellnstay.com.

Sell ‘n STAYTM is the solution for seniors who are ready to live their retirement years in the home they’ve known and loved for much of their life already. You’re able to stay where you’re comfortable and accustomed to. Basically, Sell ‘n STAYTM pairs you up with an investor who will buy your property allowing you to access the equity you have in your home and then pay rent to the new owner. It simplifies your life and saves you money.

It’s a solution for people who don’t want to move. You avoid having to constantly have your property in ‘show-ready’ condition, deal with open houses, moving trucks and so many boxes that you could build a pyramid to live in. This simple solution is not only beneficial to you staying in your home, it allows investment opportunities for buyers looking to expand their portfolios. With Sell ‘n STAYTM, we make sure to match you up with someone that makes you feel comfortable and takes the ‘nerve wracking’ component of selling your home out of the mix.

Sell ’n STAYTM agents do the work of getting you the best dollar amount for your home based on fair market real estate rates. As far as monthly rent payments go, the rate is also calculated to be fair. This allows you to easily make your payments using the profit from the sale of your property. When it comes to raising rent payments, there are strict guidelines in the Residential Tenancies Act to protect you. Several other protection clauses are discussed and factored in to your lease, to give you comfort knowing that, among other things, you can’t be kicked out of your home.

The best part of the Sell ‘n STAYTM arrangement is not only the money you’ll earn from the sale of your home, you’ll save money too! The landlord is responsible paying the property taxes, condo fees (if applicable), house insurance and maintenance and repairs. You’ll be able to live in the house you love at a much lower cost. Another benefit is not having to put aside a portion of your settlement for taxes, because when Sell ‘n STAYTM the sale of your principal residence is tax exempt. You can save more and enjoy more.

The time is now; get ready to start your retirement the right way. Remove the burden from your heirs of selling your house. Rid yourself of worries of moving and enjoy the good life using the proceeds from the sale of your property. Sell ‘n STAYTM is set up to give you more; more time in your home that you’ve build, more money in hand and most importantly, the ability to enjoy more out of life.

Enjoy your retirement your way, with Sell ‘n STAYTM

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