Katrina McHugh

This is a  checklist that will assist you in deciding whether to relocate or not.


Am I mobile?

Do I need help doing things, such as dressing, walking, and bathing?

Can I still work in my garden?

Can I cut the grass or shovel the snow?

Can I go shopping for myself?

Can I look after my own banking and bill payments?

Am I comfortable with living here alone?

Do I have problems going up or down the stairs?

Do I have independent outings?

Am I a prisoner within my own house?

Can I clean this house? (Do I want to?)

Can I do the laundry? (Do I want to?)

Can I still cook for myself? (Do I want to?)

Is this house just too big for me?

Do I truly enjoy my home?

Can I financially carry this house (utilities, taxes, etc.)?

Does the house require expensive repairs?

Is the house in need of modernization?

Has the neighbourhood changed?

Do I have friends or family nearby?

What would be good if I move?

Why should I stay?

Katrina McHugh


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